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Roadmap To Implementation

Read our roadmap to implementation report detailing the options and paths to implementing home sharing, secondary suites and coach/laneway houses

The report includes:

        • An introduction into the housing context in Canada and more specifically, Vancouver’s North Shore
        • The costs and benefits of each housing option – home sharing, secondary suites and coach/laneway houses – for homeowners, renters, the community 
        • Social factors associated with these housing options, as well as set up time, finances and  embodied and operational carbon
        • A breakdown of what we heard from participants at each of the engagement sessions from the Housing Solutions Lab
        • The design of a support program to encourage the uptake of these options for older adults
        • Steps towards an enabling environment for adoption of these housing options, including local government considerations, community interventions, seniors government policy and societal changes

Disclaimer: SFU Renewable Cities and Hollyburn Community Services Society do not provide financial, tax, legal or accounting advice. Anyone interested should consult their own financial, tax, legal and/or accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction. 

“It’s a lot and it’s all on me. Nobody can advise me.”