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Resources & Reports

The Housing Solutions Lab compiled many resources and produced several reports, including a baseline report, problem-solving brief, cost-benefit study, a compilation of case studies and a final report on these housing options of the lab.

Explore each section below:

Why These Options?

In the Canadian context, single-detached houses comprise 53% of housing stock, and a growing majority of these (55%) are occupied by one- and two-person households.

For more detail on the housing context in B.C. and Canada and for the problem solving brief, check out the ‘Why These Solutions’ section.

What Will These Options Cost?

Want to learn more about the costs and benefits for homeowners and the community associated with home sharing, secondary suites and laneway houses? 

For more detail on the cost-benefit study for each housing option, check out the ‘What Do These Solutions Cost’ section.

three single-detached houses

Case Studies

The Housing Solutions Lab compiled four case studies from real programs across North America that share the success, challenges and best practices of creating more housing units and benefits for communities.

For more detail on the case studies, check out the ‘Case Studies’ section.

icons of older adults families standing in front of their houses

What We Heard Reports

The Housing Solutions Lab engaged older adult homeowners, service providers, municipal staff, elected officials and community members through a series of workshops and a public open house.  

For a summary of themes that participants shared, check out the ‘What We Heard’ section.

birds eye view of single detached houses

Housing Options Report

Read our housing options report detailing home sharing, secondary suites and coach houses and the roadmaps to implementing these options.