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Project Archive

Throughout the Housing Solutions Lab, we saw excitement and enthusiasm about these housing options from homeowners, renters, local government and municipal staff, as well as some hesitation for adopting home sharing, secondary suites or coach/laneway houses. The lab concluded in March 2024. 

Check out the Project Case Study and Project Evaluation for a deeper dive into the outcomes of the Housing Solutions Lab:

Project Case Study

Download the Housing Solutions Lab project case study to explore:

      • The project’s governance and stakeholder engagement
      • Program goals and context
      • Objectives and methodologies
      • Outcomes and impact
      • Challenges and lessons learned
      • Governance commentary and future directions

Project Evaluation

Download the Housing Solutions Lab project evaluation to explore:

      • The project description, including goals and objectives and expected outcomes and beneficiaries
      • Evaluation findings and analysis, including the purpose and assessment of effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability
      • Challenges and solutions
      • Recommendations to homeowners, organizations and governments