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How To Use This Site

This is an interactive website for the Housing Solutions Lab – a living library of the program. This website is designed to offer information to three audiences: homeowners and renters, organizations interested in creating a matchmaking program between home providers and home seekers, or integrating it into existing programming, and government staff and elected officials.  

It offers resources and reports that explain the benefits and costs of the housing options, as well as several resources for designing and implementing a matchmaking program. For government officials the site includes a checklist of bylaws and regulations that can enable the uptake of these housing options. 

Some of the content focuses on B.C. laws and regulations because of the geographic focus of the Housing Solutions Lab. Please refer to your local governments legislations for the applicable information for your context. 

This site is intended as a resource for reference only – the data was collected and analyzed between 2022 and 2024, and may not reflect current conditions.  

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